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[감동]학생에게 선물받다

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민트영어에서 전화영어/화상영어 수업을 하는 여러분!
혹시 전담 선생님에게 선물을 보내고 싶으신가요?

만일 그렇다면, 주저하지 마시고 보내주세요.
여러분의 선물이 선생님들에게 아주 큰 기쁨이 되고, 일하는데 보람을 느끼게 할 것이니까요.
선물은 과자 1봉지라도 상관이 없습니다. 선물은 마음이 중요한 것이니까요..
아주 작은 선물이라도,
선생님에게 보내신 회원님께 인증샷과 답례의 표시로 포인트도 쬐끔 드릴께욧 ^^
받으시는 선생님이름과 보내시는 회원의 아이디를 꼭 적어주세요!

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  • Jenna 님께서 Mavi 선생님께 선물을 보내주셨습니다 조회수 : 71

    Dear Jessica,   Hi there! Happy Valentine’s Day!   I’m figuring that it’d be Valentine’s Day by the time that you read this. And yeah, what a lovely gift that was which I received from someone really lovely today! It’s kinda making up for my lack of Valentine’s da..
  • Jenna 님께서 Stephanie 선생님께 선물을 보내주셨습니다 (6) 조회수 : 132

      Hi Jenna, Thank you so much for sending me a gift. I really like the scarf you made for me and I am gonna use it always. The cookies are the best! I love the chocolate cookies you gave me. How did you know I love chocolate cookies?kkk... I am so thankful to have a very gen..
  • David 님께서 Misty 선생님께 선물을 보내주셨습니다 (1) 조회수 : 127

    Dear Jessica! Thank you for your Christmas gift. As soon as I received the package, I opened it and I was so surprised to see that you gave me not one but two BB creams ^^.   The cosmetics that you gave me were so nice and wonderful even my sister likes it. It’s perfect for ..
  • Myoung 님께서 Eva 선생님께 선물을 보내주셨습니다 (4) 조회수 : 202

        Good afternoon Myoung!   Thank you so much for the birthday present! My son really likes it! Whenever he returns home from school, he would look for it first and play it. He couldn`t express how grateful he is to you at the moment so I`ll be the one to do it. ..
  • Yeju 님께서 Strawberry 선생님께 선물을 보내주셨습니다 (1) 조회수 : 148

      “Life is only as good as the people you get to share it.” Dear Yeju, Meeting you in class is already a blessing I am most thankful for. You have been an endless source of joy and positivity to me. Your outlook in every little thing makes me more grateful and I think that ..
  • Doc Sky 님께서 Nikita 선생님께 선물을 보내주셨습니다 (1) 조회수 : 137

      Hi Doc Sky! Long time no talk. I would just like to thank you again for the package that you sent. I really appreciate the book, I will finish it very soon, it made me think a lot and just like you, it inspires me to work on my future.  (I love the case, I didn’t know h..