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Business 교재

비즈니스 교재

비즈니스 교재는 좀더 업무적인 비즈니스 회화를 배우고 싶은 분들이 보다 전문적인 비즈니스 용어와 관용어구(Idiom)를 학습하고 각 상황에 따른 적절한 문장을 연습하여, 실제 비즈니스의 상황에 적응할 수 있도록 집중적으로 학습하는 과정입니다.

업무상 비즈니스 영어의 활용도가 높은 직장인 및 비즈니스 상 해외출장이 많은 비즈니스 맨들에게 적합한 과정입니다.

  • What is it?

    The Business Course was designed with the main aim of helping clients that are part of the working force or business men or women. The course tackles several topics and in each lesson, a wide range of expressions, idioms and vocabulary will be found. Situations are also given to further help students practice actual circumstances to better prepare them for the real work environment.

    Topics are intended to be actual work situations and helps students simulate dialogues and conversations that they may come across in any working environment.

    Aside from an introduction before each lesson, a dialogue is provided to help students understand or imagine what time of situation it is. Vocabulary and patterns are then specified for further discussion. The meaning is provided to help students study at home as well. Additional expression and vocabulary has been provided as well. This was done to help students build on their vocabulary and expressions. An application part is provided as well and this is where students are able to practice what has been learned and for an opportunity for them to apply new found knowledge from the lesson.

  • To the Student

    When you enter the workforce, English is usually required, especially when you interact with foreign clients or if you work for an international company. Sometimes, learning business English is a struggle because it’s sometimes very formal, but sometimes, idioms are confusing.

    This book deals with expressions and idioms that you may encounter in the workforce. It tackles topics from meetings to phone conversation.

    The application part also is essential because as we know, practice makes perfect. It is best that the new words, expressions and idioms that you learn are put to use in class. This way, your teacher is able to correct and guide you towards better sentence construction and grammar in general.

Preparing for class (예습)
  • Read the introduction and dialogue before the class.
  • Go through the expressions and write down questions if any.
In class (본 수업)
  • Ask your teacher your questions if you were able to list any.
  • Be ready for practice because it will be done in class.
  • In every lesson, try to imagine a situation that is applicable to you. That way, adjustments can be made with the vocabulary and expressions.
  • Your teacher will also be able to help you more.
선생님용 교재 지침
  • To the Teacher

    The Business Course was created to help students that are part of any working environment. Due to this, teachers are instructed to make sure that every lesson is understood in detail.

    A big part of the lessons are expressions and vocabulary because in the working environment, expressions are sometimes confusing and difficult to understand. In addition, working environments require a different type of language at times. This is what our students need to learn.

    Make sure that application and practice is done in every lesson. We want our students to be able to use the expressions that we are teaching. With practice, students will be able to build their confidence and it is our hope that they will be able to apply this in their actual work situations.

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