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전화영어/화상영어는 사실 영어교재가 필요 없다고 해도 과언이 아닙니다.
원어민과 직접적인 영어 커뮤니케이션을 통해 실전 영어를 배우는 수업이기 때문에, 특정 주제를 선택하여 선생님과 학생이 서로의 의견과 견해를 주고받는 토론(discussion) 형식의 수업이 가장 큰 효과를 보기 때문입니다. ‘스피크 유어 마인드’ 교재는 말 그대로 특정 주제에 대해 ‘자신의 생각을 말할 수 있도록’ 주제별로 질문만을 모아놓은 교재 입니다. 해당 질문에 대해서 본인의 생각을 영어로 미리 정리하는 방법으로 예습한 후 선생님과 토론수업을 하시면 됩니다.
교재는 시니어용과 주니어용으로 나뉘어져 있지만, 본인이 좋아하는 주제가 있다면 어떤 교재를 사용하든 무방합니다.

  • What is it?

    Speak your Mind is a compilation of interesting and updated topics. To accommodate to all our clients, the compilation is divided into two categories: Junior Conversations and Senior Conversations. In these individual categories, a variety of topics or trends are found with corresponding questions that aim to provide an interesting and educational conversation.
    Topics are chosen to stimulate the mind, provide an appealing conversation, but most importantly, they are chosen to facilitate students with an open space to practice daily conversational skills. Topics are intended to cover all interests of students and therefore the range of topics is wide and broad.

  • To the Student

    The main reason you try to learn a second language is for you to be able to hold a decent conversation with someone else. The skills needed for a successful conversation is both the listening skill and the speaking skill.

    Why do you learn grammar and pronunciation? It is mainly to be able to speak well and understand the language. This book provides you with the platform to practice all that you have learned regarding pronunciation and grammar. Aside from that, it gives you the chance to practice listening skills as that is also important in daily conversation.

    This book also gives you a chance to learn and accept different opinions, as well as share your own. It doubles into one. You practice your listening and speaking skills through daily conversation, at the same time, you learn the opinion of someone else and have a chance to contemplate on your own viewpoint.

Preparing for class (예습)
  • Go through the topics and questions provided in the book.
  • Choose which one you would want to discuss.
  • If needed, research on information regarding the topic, to make the conversation in class more interesting and varied.
In class (본 수업)
  • Go through the questions with your teacher.
  • Share your opinion as best you can.
  • Be prepared for follow up questions that the teacher may ask.
  • Listen attentively to be able to respond accordingly.
선생님용 교재 지침
  • To the Teacher

    SPEAK YOUR MIND was created to give students a chance to express their own opinions. In this way, they are able to exercise and practice all that they have learned regarding pronunciation, grammar and sentence construction.

    It is recommended that you listen attentively and react to what the student is saying. Follow up questions may be asked to give chance to the student to further elaborate their opinion or answer. It is important for us to provide them with a comfortable atmosphere wherein they are not intimated or shy to share their outlook on various topics.

    In replying or answering to the student, it is suggested that you speak with a variation or vocabulary and expressions, to exercise the listening skills of the student, as well as provide new terms that the student may use and pick up in future conversations.

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