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Say What 교재

세이왓 교재 이미지

‘세이왓’ 교재의 메인 도구(Tools)는 그림입니다. 학습자는 주어진 그림을 확인 한 후, 해당 상황을 영어로 설명하거나 그림으로 보이는 사물의 배치와 형태를 영어로 묘사하는 식의 전화영어/화상영어 수업을 진행하게 됩니다. 또한 주어진 그림을 잘 이해 했는지를 확인하는 질문에 정확한 답을 해야 하는 Comprehension Question 과 Answer 도 준비되어 있습니다.

본 교재는 영어 중상급자를 위한 교재로 주니어를 대상으로 개발하였으나, 시니어들도 동심으로 돌아가 재미있게 수업 하실 수 있으므로, 단조로운 수업에 권태를 느끼는 모든 분들에게 추천합니다.

  • What is it?

    No matter how much our children memorize and study grammar rules and correct pronunciation, without the ability to practice in conversation, the lessons and countless hours of study will not be as effective or beneficial as it should be.

    However, we tend to teach our children the basic conversation topics, from the family, to the home, to school and future work. Although all topics are important and valuable, why not give them more specific and mind-boggling topics. Topics not necessarily encountered. Topics that will make their young minds work in other creative and imaginary ways.

    This series of books provide interesting conversation topics and questions, mixed with animated and interesting pictures to captivate the attention of young children. With interesting topics and beautiful pictures, young children will be motivated to converse and speak their minds!

    The Say What series is divided into three books. Each book progresses with difficulty with Say What 1 being the easiest and Say What 3 being the most difficult. This way, there is a progression in ability of children and it is done in a comfortable and proper paced manner.

    In addition, each book is divided into three basic parts.

    • (1) Picture
      These lessons will primarily be based on the pictures provided. These exercises are simple. Answers will rely on the ability to describe pictures.
    • (2) Question and Answer
      Although pictures are provided as well, the answers will be based on the students’ ability to put their thoughts into words, based on experience or personal choices.
    • (3) Talk, Talk, Talk
      These are conversation questions wherein the students will need to explain themselves. The main purpose is to be able for the students to have a light conversation, a smooth exchange of dialogue. This helps in motivation and confidence as well.
  • To the Student

    Learning a second language is a huge feat in itself and is something that you should be proud of. However, admittedly, it gets frustrating when you don’t have anywhere to practice. This book provides you with a good environment because you are helped not only by your teacher, but with the fascinating pictures the book provides.

    Speaking can be boring, especially, when you do not share anything in common, or when you are an introvert. It is difficult to speak when you are shy, or when you don’t have much experience regarding something. However, with this book, the pictures will guide you build an opinion and facilitate you in building your answer.

Preparing for class (예습)
  • Go through the lesson that will be studied in class.
  • Go through the activities in the lesson so that you will be familiar with them.
  • Go through unfamiliar vocabulary and expression to ask your teacher.
In class (본 수업)
  • Show your skills by going through the vast number of activities offered by the book.
  • Answer questions that your teacher will ask you.
  • Ask your teacher to explain vocabulary and expressions if there are some that you may not fully understand.
    Enjoy yourself!
선생님용 교재 지침
  • To the Teacher

    Say What was made to further motivate young children to learn the English language. We understand that learning a second language is time consuming and sometimes, very frustrating. This book was prepared to get rid of the frustration and instead, add excitement and enjoyment in learning the language.

    It is imperative that the teacher is able to use the book in a fun manner. This book is carefree. With the amount of activities in the book, the children studying this book should be having fun. They should be laughing and smiling all throughout the class. If they are not, it is your job to figure out why and help the student further.

    Stick to simple words and vocabulary as this book is targeted for the beginner junior clients. They are only beginning their English language journey and we wish to show them how fun and simple it can be.

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